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Chater Junior School

Vision and Aims

As a school community we have four core values which we all live our lives by.

These four values have been decided by the staff team and shared with the children. The four values are central to all that the school does and are discussed regularly in classrooms, offices and corridors. They underpin the way in which adults and children talk with each other and treat one another. Each of our values are broken down into behaviours that help to understand them further and how they can be lived.


  • Invest in the things you love

  • Make opportunities for discovery

  • Give everything you can in each moment

  • Spark a love of life



  • Work together towards a common goal

  • Partnerships work best when we support each other

  • Everyone has a voice and the right to be heard



  • Be open and honest about our successes and challenges

  • Behave how you would want others to behave

  • Push yourself to be the best you can be

  • Be honest, open and transparent



  • When life is difficult, or you reach your limit, PAUSE, BREATHE, SOLVE

  • When you are faced with a challenge, seek support and draw strength from others

  • Wake up every morning with the mindset that is a fresh start

  • Think positive! Smile! Never give up!